Campaign Management

Helping you build a communications campaign for action is comprised of many steps and is not for the novice. By trial and error we’ve learned to combine forces and align with the best communicators/event planners in the industry to provide this service to you! It starts with the following:

  1. Communications Planning: It is advisable to building a communications plan for each event your business intends to schedule with steps, timelines and schedules for the creation of marketing materials to attract your audience.
  2. Execution: Having staff available to put in motion ALL the necessary activities for delivery of a “successful” event.
  3. Social Media: Deciding which social media channels would be best to get the word out about your event.
  4. Messaging: How will you send out your communications? Start by creating effective messages.
  5. Onsite at the Event: This is a critical part of your planning. Arrange for sufficient staff onsite at the event to coordinate/manage or things could go work go south quickly!

How can we help you?

We help organizations, agencies and individuals articulate ​and craft effective messages and creative communications’ campaigns.